March 18, 2011

Best Dressed Chic Contest 2011 ~ Winners!!

On February 2011, Chic Me Up! succesfully put up the BEST DRESSED CHIC CONTEST 2011, whereby the participants are all customers of Chic Me Up!

We would just like to show our appreciation to our customers for taking the liberty tagging us the picture on Facebook. Here are the link if you like to check out more about the contest


On the 16th ,March we have announced the Winners. So here they are!

Faiezah Chica Yunus
~Chica's vogue look in 'Cha Cha With Me'~
(with highest total vote of 24 votes)
PRIZE ~ RM30 Shopping Voucher with Chic Me Up! for 3 CONSECUTIVES MONTHS! Worth RM90!!!

Rini Arshad
~Definitely 'Elegantly Loose & Sexy', Rini
(with total vote of 23 votes)

PRIZE ~ RM20 Shopping Voucher with Chic Me Up! fot 3 CONSECUTIVES MONTHS! Worth RM60!!!

*Your vouchers are valid for 3 consecutives months commencing from March and ends by 31st May 2011
*Vouchers are only valid for non promotional item
*Terms and Condition apply

How can we forget our voters! This contest was a succesful one because of you!

You get to enjoy 10% Discounts for 3 consecutive months commencing from March - 31st May 2011 ~ SeArCh YoUr NaMe BeLoW!!!

Mariecella (Pon)
Vivian Annabelle Yee
Bibi Baizurinah
Azean Juzeanty
Jenny Wong
Fatin Hannah
Sasha Shamilee
Alina Abas
Nurbani Ahyar
Cleo anne
Farrah Luna
ElCy Jacko
Karen Chuan
Bibiemy Stiletto
Jastie Kurniasih
Ade Lyn
Ct Hernahniey
Amoi calvin
Sincerely Fara
Deza Rasmadin
vivian biri
Natasha Makajil
Adrianna Dimple
Norhayati A. Rashid
Lyn Mohd Dun
Dg Noreen
Farina Kalam
Mei Ling
Dariah Petrus

upon submitting your Orders for the next 3 months, dont forget to mention your name to allow us to Tick yourName on our VIP list to enjoy this special Discount!!!

P/s: Shopped with us before??? Be a dear Take a photo and tag us! We Would love to reward you!

Loads of Twinkling Love,
Chic Me Up!
Hp: 0162192201

Batek Pesona

Sweet and exotically gorgeous traditional fabric designed into a flattering dress! Put on that sunny hat and you're nice and pretty to go on a beautiful evening promenade or gathering with freinds and family ;-D

Bow-ties at the waist side

Brown Pattern A (sold)

Large opening pleat


Brown Pattern B

Batek Pesona
Colour: Brown Pattern A(XL)-SOLD,White(M)-SOLD, Brown Pattern B(M)
Size: M- fits uk 6-UK12
Elastic back smock and adjustable waist bow

Batek Menari Dress

Looking exotically beautiful and "ayu" in this hand painted indonesian Batik. Just so so unique.

Orange Pattern A

Orange Pattern B



Green Pattern A

Green Pattern B

Batek Menari

Fully smock and hand-painted batik cotton/sarong
Colour: Orange Pattern A(SOLD OUT), Orange Pattern B(SOLD OUT), Purple(SOLD OUT), Blue, Green Pattern A, Green Pattern B

Size: Free size - fits UK6(taller)-UK12


Ribena Flower Top

I know... I know I just like to play dressed up... Only when I know there is pretty clothes :-) like this one I'm using is just so sweet! I just Couldnt help it I decide to have one for my self ;-) Cantikkan..

Button side-up at the side hemline... you can decide to not button them up as well
Foldable up button sleeves

Colour: Purple Ribena

March 13, 2011

Little Flowers Cotton

Cute Little Flowery Blouse! Pair it up with a plain camisole, leave button open finish them up with skinny jeans and cute dark pumps!

Little Flowers cotton
Size: M, XL
Foldable up sleeves
Colour: Marroon Flowers, Purple Flowers (XL-SOLD)