May 26, 2010

Muslimah Comfy Inner Top

Wearing head scarf, 'Tudung' has never been this stylish, Chic Me Up! is all about versatility, pair up any of your favourite maxis or short sleeve top with our Super Comfy inner. Fashion up like these Mulimah below:

Material A: Comfy Cotton

Comes in 3 colours: Black, grey, Off white
Material B: Comfy lycra

Comes only in black
Material A: -refer to image above-
Made of stretchable cotton with elastic neckline and sleevesline.
Size: free size- fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Black, grey white
Code: IN0185
Material B:-refer to image above-
Made of stretchable lycra with elastic neckline.
Size: free size- a little loose for UK6- UK12 (very stretchy)
Colour: Only black
Code: IN0186

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