May 26, 2010

Glossy 60s

Looking stylishly simple in shimmering glossy tank tops, pick out studded style shimmered style tank top, a must have item... scroll down to know why...
See how simple yet so sexy this tank top could make you look! Flirtaciously funky yet funky at the same time. Casual way? Pair it up with skinny jeans. Nite out clubbing? Funk it up with some liguid leggings. Office wear? suit it up with your office blazer and that office slack... Working time can never be more fashionable :)

Golden Nude

Dark silver
Made of high quality stretchable lycra and cotton with random studds deco on the top.
Size: free size- fits loose UK6-UK12(smaller, top is very stretchy)
Colour: Golden nude, Dark silver

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