May 29, 2010

Patches Funky Leggings

Black leggings are cool... Paternted leggings are way Cooler...! Check out how Stylish you'll look in them...
Looking fashionable vogue in our comfy printed legging! pair it up with your favourite long top and even a blazer for that sophisticatedly stylish look!

Made of high quality stretchable cotton. Comfy and non-itchy guarantee.
Size: Free size- fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Black & white (sold out)
Code: LP0170

May 28, 2010

Vintagely Lynda

Looking sweet and stylish in this florally minidress. Simply wear it plain or even fix it with a blazer, pull in those legging for a different vibe of fashion.

* Blazer are for sale... check out our blazer categories

Made of high quality and super comfortable material. Stretchable as well. Slip in style, no-zipper.
Colour: Light grey(sold), Black(sold), Dark grey(sold)
Size: Free size-fits UK6-UK8
Code: DR0177

Plain Chic Tee

Looking for something that are swaying comfortable but stylish at the same time? Our super soft and comfy plain baby tee is the answer ;) just put on your favourite faded jeans and this baby tee!

Made of super comfy and stretchy cotton. Very soft too.
Size: Free size-fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Grey(sold), Blue(sold), Black(sold)

Twinkle Studded Tank Top

Stylishly simple in these studded tank top. Fix it up with some plain short denim or even leggings! Or even a miniskirt :)

  • Made of high quality stretchable cotton with silver and glossy black studds deco on the top.
  • Size: Free size- fits UK6-UK8
  • Colour: White(sold), grey(sold)
  • Code: TT0164
  • RM49

Super Stretchy Leggings

After a long wait, our very special favourites leggings are back! For you styling and comfy pleasure... Pair it up with your long tank top shirt, or long blouses. Match it up with flip flops or even a pair of pumps!

Black(1 pc left), green olive(not available), Brown(1pc left), Blue(not available)

Made of super stretchy comfortable cotton. Non-itchy material on the inside.
Size: Free size- fits UK6-UK12 (super stretchy, up to 93kg)
Colour: Black(1pc left), brown (1pc left)
Code: LP0018/3

Short Sleeve Chic Blazer

Blazer has never been stylish. Who says it's just for offices? Wear it looking stylishly smart even on your shopping day out!

Made of high quality thick material with full lining. Hook fastener in front.
Size: Free size- fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Grey(sold), Black(1pc left)
Code: JT0180

May 27, 2010

Sassy Fashionable Studded Leggings

Looking glamorously funky in this studded leggings like tese models: This studded leggings is out of the ordinary! Substitue yor plain legging with this sexy studded one for that funky vibe! Very fashionable!

Made of non-itchy and very comfy stretcable lycra with swirls studds deco.
Size: Free size- fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Shimmering black(1pc left)

Sexy Liquid Leggings

Walk like one sexy kitten like these celebs in liquid leggings:

Liquid leggings is just so Hot right now! Pair up them up with plain long tops for that immediate smashing look when you don't know what to wear, the glossy leggings will always keep your style in check, nothing but Hot!

Made of non-itchy and non-'warm' material. Super Stretchy legging with elastic waist line.
Size: Free size:- fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Liquid Black ( 1pc left)

Sweet Flowery Patented leggings

Sweet and sexy is what you get in flowery, patendted leggings like these celebs:

Looking awesomely sweet and sexy at the same time in this one of a kind leggings... Put on over a flare plain long top with this and wedges! You're ready for a great "looking-good day out"

Made of high quality stretchable cotton with wide elastic band at the waist area.
Size: Free size- fits UK6-UK8
Colour: Grey(sold), Black(sold)
Code LP0187

May 26, 2010

Shirred Sweet Rose

Looking sweetly cute in this maxi dress. Put this on for that day out with your girlfriends or even dining out with your love ones.

Made of high quality cooling cotton comes with adjustable spaghetti strap. Bust area are fully smocked and elastic all the way to the back. Comes with underneath lining.
Size: Free size- fits UK6(taller)-UK12
Colour: Light yellow(sold), pink(sold), light turquoise(sold)

Muslimah Comfy Inner Top

Wearing head scarf, 'Tudung' has never been this stylish, Chic Me Up! is all about versatility, pair up any of your favourite maxis or short sleeve top with our Super Comfy inner. Fashion up like these Mulimah below:

Material A: Comfy Cotton

Comes in 3 colours: Black, grey, Off white
Material B: Comfy lycra

Comes only in black
Material A: -refer to image above-
Made of stretchable cotton with elastic neckline and sleevesline.
Size: free size- fits UK6-UK10
Colour: Black, grey white
Code: IN0185
Material B:-refer to image above-
Made of stretchable lycra with elastic neckline.
Size: free size- a little loose for UK6- UK12 (very stretchy)
Colour: Only black
Code: IN0186