February 06, 2010

Victorian Lace in Vests

This lovely very girly like lace vest is just so trendy! Unlike the normal plain grey or balck vest, this one has the cute frills and all sweet style into a unique and fun top!
Very handy indeed, when you really don't know what to wear put this over a plain mini-shirt and you are ready to go!

;-) and yes I have one of my own as well. I have paired up my vest with a plain off shoulder yellow top with a black hanging skinny pants.
Made of really sexy and high quality lace and cotton with crystal like button at the front and full see through lace at the back and a Big Bow design at the lower back. Pretty loose style vest.
Size: fits looselyUK6-normal UK10
Colour: Grey, Black
Status: Grey(sold out), Black(sold out)

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