February 04, 2010

Beads and Satin

Flatteringly Lovely Blouse! With glossy pearl-like beads and stones. Simply pair it up with jeans or even a skinny pants. Accesories is just not necessary, you will tur heads anyway in this blouse.

Made of high quality light glossy satin with glossy beadings at the collar line. Elastic band at the wrist of the sleeves and elastic smock at the hemline.

  • Measurements: Bustline 23"(lie flat) Sleeves 17"
  • Size: fits UK6-UK10
  • Colour: Goldy Brown, Glossy Black, Glossy Fuschia, Glossy White
  • Code: BL0091
  • RM55

Status: Goldy Brown (sold out), Glossy Black(sold out), Glossy Fuschia(sold out), Glossy White(sold out)

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