January 09, 2010

Jaime's Jelly Stone Bracelette**

This Pretty Jelly Bracelete are so darn exotic!

Comes in colourful little stones with beautiful charms in different character from butterflies to lil daisies, from autumn leaves to cute dolphins.

Pick one now in your favourite shade!



Offer Now @ only RM49 for 2 pieces! (AUD16/GBP10)

K(Jelly Blue)

J(Red Plum)

I(Sakura Pink)

H(Red Charm)

G(Toffee Brown)

F(Sakura Green) SOLD

E(Jade Black) SOLD

D(Violet Purple)

C(Ocean Blue)

B(Coffee Brown) SOLD

A(Lime Jade Green)

Measurements: Length 22cm

Colours: refer to the above images for your favourite colours

Code: BR0067



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