January 09, 2010

Exotic Sunny Skirts & Dresses

This beautiful edition of our skirt or dresses are just so fun to play with! Make it into a long tubester-top, a short top, a sexy beach wear, vamp it up a little with a chunky belt!

Each at only RM29 (AUD10/GBP6)

Special Offer Now @ RM55 for any 2 pieces! (AUD18/GBP11)

K(Cocoa Leopard) Sold

J(Blu Leopard) Sold

I(Blu Corals) Sold

H(Red Spanish) SOLD

G(My Ita's yellow) SOLD

F(signora in yellow) SOLD

E(Signora in Blu) Sold

D(Candy green and pink) SOLD

C(Dark Hibiscus Pink) SOLD

B(Flora Purple) Sold

A(Pink Mexican) SOLD

  • Made of comfy stretchable chiffon and comes with knee length underneath lining. Elastic waistband.
  • Measurements: Lenght ~Longer skirts are 27 1/2" - 30" / Shorter skirts are 22" - 24" Waistline~ 17"(lie flat, max stretched)
  • Size: fits UK6- UK12
  • Colour: please refer the above photos for yor favourite
  • Code: sk0068
  • RM29
  • AUD10/GBP6

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