December 12, 2009

Super Stretchy Leggings

Yes, our sexy most wanted famously favourite leggings are back! Now with additional new colour~ Dark Olive Green
Long blouses favourite partner and loose shirt star match!
Grab one for yourself now!

Clockwise from top~ Black, Blue, Dark olive green, Dark brown

Made of slight thick comfy cotton cloth, with fluffy interior, hence non-itchy material.Does not easily reap like pantyhose does.
Measurements: Length stretches up to 52", Waist stretches up to 42"
Colour: Black, Blue, Dark olive green, Dark brown
Size: fits S-XL size person (Super stretchy)
Code: LP0018/2
*Special Offer now only at RM25
Status: Black (sold out), Blue(sold out),Dark Olive green(sold out), Dark brown(sold out)
Here is just a few ways on how you can swing you own style in these favourite leggings:

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