December 17, 2009

Twinkling Marmalade Jewel Bangle

Georgeously design hand made bangle with a touch of its own...
Marmalade shiny like stones, twinkled with diamond-like stone with antique culture-like design at the fastening button.
Wanna go for that Jade green for exotic spin, or Lime green for vibrantly classic touch or simply Glossy black for sexy vibe...

Jade Green

Lime Green
Glossy Black
Glossy Black (left) Lime green (right)

Made of high quality crystal like stones with blinking diamond like stones.
Fastening button are from anti rust steel
Measurement: Diameter 17"
Colour: Jade green, Lime green, Glossy Black
Offer Buys Now only @ RM25
(AUD 9 /GBP 5)

Status: Black (sold out), Jade Green(1pc), Lime Green(1pc)

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