December 10, 2009

Lintas Station Flea Market~ Nov'09

On the 14th Nov'09- 15th Nov'09, Chic Me Up! have participated the Flea Market that was organized by our fellow friends, Ms. Sasha Shamilee and Ms. Charlene Decena (Owners of Ivory Laine, located at Ground Floor, Lintas Station , Lintas)
The 2 days event was held at the ground floor area of Lintas Station, having vendors selling varieties of cool items! From food/snacks/savoury pastries, Pre-loved goodies, Pretty Apparels for male/female/children, unique hand-made jewelleries even imported one.
We, Chic Me Up! of course showcased our Chic and Exotic Apparels & Sassy Accesories.
Members of CMU! enjoyed fabulous discounts upon shopping with us at the flea market!
Here are some photos for you to gaze about!

Our Kiosk Boutique at the Flea Market
Some of our New Arrival dresses (right)

Some of our New Entries(left)
Daphne, such a sport! Thank you for supporting(right)

We would like to thank to all our value customers, CMU! Members, dearest friend & family members for making the flea market a merrier one.
It was our very 1st appearance, and you all did make our day during the event, eventhough it was a short visit to entertain us, we were very delighted for all the warm support we received!
We hope that you all had a blast on that day,
We know we did! ;-D
Loads Of Twinkling Love,
Chic Me Up!

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