November 10, 2009

Hot Events Again!

Hi ya'll,

Come and join the fun! Making the flea market a merrier one!!

Register now as a CMU! Member and automatically get a 'Special Member Discounts', 20% off on all Normal Price item when you shop with us at the Bazaar!

Copy and email the below Membership Form to

CMU! Membership Form
Hp No:
Location: -e.g. Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Manchester UK, Perth Australia

How you heard abouts us: -e.g. facebook, Blogger, word of mouth, friends, emails

What would you like to see in our Blogshop: -e.g. specific types of items such as sandals, other services

Hope you'll enjoy your Special Member Discount at the Flea Market Bazaar!

See You There! ;-)

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