October 23, 2009

Super Stretchy Leggings

Super Stretchy Super Comfy leggings is in the house! Pantyhose style leggings are instyle now!
Match this up with a long blouses, Shirts, Dress-like top! Wear it with Super high heels, Wedges, Platforms even flip flops!
P/S: View http://celebsinleggings,blogspot.com/ for many swinging styles you can try in these leggings!
Left to right (Dark grey, White, Dark brown)
Left to right(Blue, Mild grey,Black)
Left to right (Black,Dark grey, Mild grey, Dark brown, Blue, White)
Super Stretchy!

Made of slight thick comfy cotton cloth, with fluffy interior, hence non-itchy material.
Does not easily reap like pantyhose does.
Measurements: Length stretches up to 52", Waist stretches up to 42"
Size: fits S-XL size person (Super stretchy)
Code: LP0018

Status: Black(sold out), Dark grey(sold out), Mild grey(sold out), Dark brown(sold out), Blue(sold out) White(sold out)

Here are some cool yet elegant style you can swing with the above leggings~

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