October 17, 2009

Elegantly Classy Julia

This knee-length dress is just so sweet and very pretty, out for a Picnic or a Lunch gathering,
you'll definitely looking intimidately beautiful in this dress.
Want to try someting daring, wear a Big Hat for that classical Julia Robert, Pretty Woman look!

Elegantly Classy Julia (yellow)

Elegantly Classy Julia (black)

Elegantly Classy Julia (off white)
Made of high quality stretchable cotton, so you'll definitely be effortlessly comfortable yet elegant in this.
Elastic smock at waist area and beautiful decorative knitting at the upper-bust area till up the sleeve area.
Size: fits normal UK6-normal UK8
Colour: Yellow, Black, Off white
Code: D0027
RM 56
Status: Yellow (sold out), Black (sold out), Off white (sold out)

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