October 23, 2009


*Dear dudettes and dudes, we would like to apologise for the delay in posting up our new entries due to unforeseen circumstances.
*Making up to that, here we have posted loads more of amusingly Pretty and Chic items for you to fill in your shopping cart.
*Hurry Quick!Place your order! We've got limited stock for more and more designs and styles.

Superiorly Chic!

Smart vertical stripes long shirt for formal occasion, to work, casual, or just a morning for marketing...
You will never go wrong with this babe! Wear it various ways... plainly with jeans or leggings, Chic 'em up with chunky belt or clincher... rolled the sleeves up or keep it long!

Superiorly Chic(Blue)

Superiorly Chic(pink)

Superiorly Chic(green)

Made of slight thick and comfy cotton with brown marble-like buttons. Opening with buttons at the end of long sleeves. Also can be worn as a short sleeve shirt with buttons to hold it. A big pocket at the lower front of shirt.
Size: fits UK6-Uk10
Colour: Blue,Pink, Green
Code: BL0022

Status: Blue(sold out), Pink(sold out), Green(sold out)

Pastel is Pretty

This long blouse is just so sweet... in fact if you are petite in size, you may wear this as a minidress ;-)
Nice mini floral prints just soften up this number. Try balance it out ith a rugged faded skinny jeans or simply plain leggings!

Pastel is Pretty(Pastel blue)

Pastel is Pretty(Pastel green)

Made of high quality linen-like cotton with cloth wrapped button at the collar with elastic waist.
Tine lace deco at the hemline.
Size: Fits Uk6-UK10
Colour: Pastel blue, Pastel green
Code: LB0025

Status: Pastel blue(sold out), Pastel green(sold out)

Orientalle Chic

Unique and casual, yet so sophisticated! This baggy shirt offers endless comfort while looking neat and stylish! Work perfect with Leggings, Skinny jeans! See how vamped up the shirt got when you match it with a chunky belt!
Going for casual mode? Pair it up with khakis shorts!

Orientalle Chic(Creme)

Orientalle Chic(white)

Orientalle Chic(Yellowish green)

Made of really high quality comfy cotton with different abstract and floral designs with clear button in front.
Lil tips: I'll wear this to the beach over my bikini or swimwear ;-)
Size: loosely fits UK6-normal UK8
Colour: Creme,White,Yellowish green
Code: BL0026


Status: creme(1pc left), White(sold out), Green(sold out)

Multi Braided Belts

Got long blouses, or shirts that is too plain for your senses? Chic them up with these leather-like belts! Chic and classy enough to Vamp Up! your figure!
Dark brown
Beige Brown
Made of P.u. (i.e high quality synthetic leather) with fastening hole can be done anywhere all along the belt itself. Buckle are fully laminated with synthetic leather.
Maximum fastening up to 31"
Measurements: Waist~31"
Colour: Dark brown, Black ,Beige brown
Code: BT0034
Status: Dark brown(sold out), Black(sold out), Beige brown(sold out)

Super Stretchy Leggings

Super Stretchy Super Comfy leggings is in the house! Pantyhose style leggings are instyle now!
Match this up with a long blouses, Shirts, Dress-like top! Wear it with Super high heels, Wedges, Platforms even flip flops!
P/S: View http://celebsinleggings,blogspot.com/ for many swinging styles you can try in these leggings!
Left to right (Dark grey, White, Dark brown)
Left to right(Blue, Mild grey,Black)
Left to right (Black,Dark grey, Mild grey, Dark brown, Blue, White)
Super Stretchy!

Made of slight thick comfy cotton cloth, with fluffy interior, hence non-itchy material.
Does not easily reap like pantyhose does.
Measurements: Length stretches up to 52", Waist stretches up to 42"
Size: fits S-XL size person (Super stretchy)
Code: LP0018

Status: Black(sold out), Dark grey(sold out), Mild grey(sold out), Dark brown(sold out), Blue(sold out) White(sold out)

Here are some cool yet elegant style you can swing with the above leggings~

Heavenly Cotton

You can be as sweet as candy in this... Tiny lace, sweet button, and heavenly cotton, all this just make you look heavenly nice!

Heavenly Cotton (Baby Yellow)
Heavenly Cotton (Black)

Heavenly Cotton(White)

Heavenly cotton(Heavy pink)
Made of high quality and most importantly comfy cottons! With little lace deco on the upper bustier area, vertically middle section and at all edge bottom area.
Full Elastic smock back with adjustable spaghetti strap.
Colour: Baby Yellow, Black, White, Heavy Pink
Status: All available (1pc left)

Sweet Duchess

This imperially layered and tiered blouse is sweet enough to make you feel adoreably at ease...
Pair it up with fitting black pants, skinny jeans, or even slick short!

Made of high quality see-thru chiffon with tiny prints on it.
Single button at the back collar with pretty ruffled turtle-neck collar.
Size: fits UK6-normal UK10
Colour: Black
Code: T0033
Status: Black(sold out)

Traditionally Alluring

Looking so comfortably sexy in this exotic dress.
Glam your dress up with a chunky earings or a necklace to look so finely alluring ;-)

Traditionally Alluring (Sea blue)

Traditionally Alluring (Brown)

Made of high quality cotton with abstract and 'Sarong' motive prints on dress.
Adjustable spaghetti strap, with folds deco at the bustline area. Full elastic smock at the upper back area.
Size: fits petite UK6-normal UK8
Colour: Sea blue, Brown
Code: D0028

Status: Sea blue(sold out), Brown(sold out)

Ahh...Divinely Lace

This is just so lovely and divine... looking traditionally beautiful without even trying to hard to impress. Casual it up with denim or classic it up with a slick skirt or pants... your choice.
My personal liking is to accesorize it with pearls jewellery ;-)

Divinely Lace (white)

Divinely Lace (sunkiss Orange)

Divinely Lace (Red)
Made of high quality Stretchable cotton with see-thru lace deco around the upper back area all the way to the front upper part of shoulder area. Cute medium size tie back bow.
Size: fits UK6-normal UK8
Colour: White, Sunkiss Orange, Red
Code: T0021
Status: White(sold out), Sunkiss Orange(sold out), Red(sold out)