September 03, 2009

Bubble Works

Feeling cheerful but still want to look chic and sweet... mixtures of perfect colours and shapes might be the thing that will make it happen!
Whats your style? Black slacks with a waist clincher? Tuck it in for that fun corporate look or simply pair it with denim pants? You'll never go wrong in this number!

Bubbly Pink
Bubbly black
Bubbly square
Bubbly blue
High quality see-thru chiffon material (except for Bubbly Square which is made from glossy Satin)
Layers of non-symmetrical flare cutting on the collar neck line, unique yet so trendy!
Size: Fits petite UK6-UK8
Colour: (pls refer to image above)-Bubbly pink, Bubbly black, Bubbly square, Bubbly blue
Code: T0002

Status: Bubbly pink(sold out), Bubbly black(sold out),Bubbly square(sold out), Bubbly blue(sold out)

1 comment:

  1. I want bubbly square and bubbly blue. Bring it back when you're back in KL. I pay you cash...can credit kah? Or babysit Maya as return lar...hehehhe... i want ah...