September 30, 2009

Leafley Minidress

This minidress is so elegant yet still so comfy.You don't need the blings to turn heads with this little dress as its just simply pretty ;-)

The high quality lycra is so cooling and comfortable. The slight-turtle neck design is fastened with single button at the back of the neck.
Size: Loosely fits petite UK6- normal UK8
Colour: Yellowish green, Darker green
Code: D0002

Status: Yellowish green (sold out), Darker green (Sold out)

Sweet Safari

For a lazy chill outday, you can simply look effortlessly hot in this
flattering sexy maxi dress.

Comfortable flyaway chiffon material and stretchable type.
Comes with underneath skirt lining.
Measurements: Length- 45 1/2"
Size: fits petite UK6-UK10
Colours: Orangy red(2), Purple Pink(2)
Code: LD0001

Status: Orangy red(sold out), Purple pink(sold out)

Cha Cha With Me?

Feel naughty and cheeky? This ruffly top will make your day or
nite seem O so fun!
Wear This number for a nite out or even to work with a worksuit
over for that lil confident booster!

High quality cotton with left sided non-visible zipper.
Elastic smock turtle collar and at the bottom.
Size: S(fits petite UK6-normal UK6)
M(normal UK8-UK10)
Colour: Yellow(1-S , 1-M), Pink(1-S , 1-M)
Status: Pink Both sizes - Sold Out, Yellow - 1pc of each size S/M

Knit Me Gently

Look great in this simple yet trendy knitted blouse! Matching it up with skinny jeans or even shorts!

Thinly knitted and comfortable top butterfly style.
Button at the top side of sleeves running from neck to the end of the sleeves.
Stretchable material.
Size: fits UK6-UK10
Colours: Red(1), Blue(1), Yellowish beige(1), Brown(1)
Code: T0003

Status: Red(1pc left), Blue(sold out), Yellowish beige(sold out), Brown (sold out)

September 12, 2009

Seriously Ruffles

Get chic up with this sophisticate ruffly top, looking so seriously Pretty without intimadation...
Look stylishly-neat with work pants or simply look gracefully chic with jeans!

Neatly design ruffles at the front and full elastic smocking at the back of the top.
Made from high quality cotton with buttons straight in front.
Size: fits petite UK6-UK8
Colour:Grey, Yellow, Black
Code: T0001

Status: Grey(sold out), Yellow(sold out), Black (1pc left)

September 11, 2009

Little Africa

Look Whistling Hot in this body hugging tube dress with ethnic african printed design!
I just love this minidress too!

High quality stretchable cotton material with carefully printed ethnic design.
Guess what, the colour won't fade out even after several washes. How did i know?
Because I have this sexy tubedress myself ;->
Size: loosely fits petite UK6- normal UK8
Colour: Yellowish green, darker green
Code: TD0001

Status: Yellowish green(1pc left), Darker green(2pcs)

Checkered Little Chic

Look effortlessly charming in this 2in1 chekered with flare cottony skirt.
Simply change your look by accesorising it with a belt or clincher, suiting your style!

High quality stretchable cotton material.
Elastic smock design at the waist area.
Size: Fits UK6- UK8
Colour: Black
Code: D0003

Status: Black(sold out)

Hindey Girl

This geometrical embroidered Top Dress is unique on its own as a minidress or style it up with that black leggings for that Sleek Chic look!
For a simply chilled Sunday, hot pants matched up will give you a different vibe in this number!

Carefully embroidered geometrical-almost-hindi design on a high quality cotton.
Size: fits petite UK6- normal UK8
Colour: Black, Yellow, White

Status: Black(sold out),Yellow(sold out),White(sold out)

Doll in Bali

This cute knitted and embroidered spaghetti-strap top is just so sweet...
Pair it up with denim jeans, khakis pants.
Or, slip this on over your bikini when your on the beach ;-)

High quality cooling cotton with creative knits on the bust area to the back and knitted type strap.
Elastic smock on the upper back.
Size: fits normal UK6-UK10
Colour: Pale beige, White, Black
Code: D0005

Status: Pale beige(sold out), white(sold out), black(sold out)

September 03, 2009

Bubble Works

Feeling cheerful but still want to look chic and sweet... mixtures of perfect colours and shapes might be the thing that will make it happen!
Whats your style? Black slacks with a waist clincher? Tuck it in for that fun corporate look or simply pair it with denim pants? You'll never go wrong in this number!

Bubbly Pink
Bubbly black
Bubbly square
Bubbly blue
High quality see-thru chiffon material (except for Bubbly Square which is made from glossy Satin)
Layers of non-symmetrical flare cutting on the collar neck line, unique yet so trendy!
Size: Fits petite UK6-UK8
Colour: (pls refer to image above)-Bubbly pink, Bubbly black, Bubbly square, Bubbly blue
Code: T0002

Status: Bubbly pink(sold out), Bubbly black(sold out),Bubbly square(sold out), Bubbly blue(sold out)